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Egypt, Greece, and Rome : Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean

Egypt, Greece, and Rome : Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean
Borító: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9780199651924
Kiadás: 3.
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 158*233
Tömeg: 1372 g
Oldalszám: 824
Megjelenés éve: 2014
19 280 Ft
17 352 Ft
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Egypt, Greece, and Rome : Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean

The most-up-to-date, fully comprehensive, and reliable general history of the Ancient Mediterranean

Fully illustrated throughout with maps, photographs, and colour plates

Most popular introduction to the ancient world on the market

New to this Edition:

The text has been revised and includes 35% new material on the recent developments in the field over the past ten years

The author has drawn from his extensive research and personal experience of study tours of the Mediterranean and actual sites

Several chapters have been completely rewritten for this new edition

The illustrations have been fully revised and updated, with only a small overlap in choices from the earlier editions

The bibliography has been completely revised

Egypt, Greece, and Rome is regarded as one of the best general histories of the ancient world, having sold more than 80,000 copies in its first two editions. It is written for the general reader and the student coming to the subject for the first time and provides a reliable and highly accessible point of entry to the period.

Beginning with the early Middle Eastern civilizations of Sumer, and continuing right through to the Islamic invasions and the birth of modern Europe after the collapse of the Roman empire, the book ranges beyond political history to cover art and architecture, philosophy, literature, society, and economy. A wide range of maps, illustrations, and photographs complements the text.

This third edition has been extensively revised to appeal to the general reader with several chapters completely rewritten and a great deal of new material added, including a new selection of images.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Third edition, Oswyn Murray
Author's Preface
List of Plates
List of Maps
List of Figures
1:Approaching the Ancient World
2:The Birth of Civilization: The Ancient Near East, 5000- 1200 BC
3:Pyramids and Power, the Creation of an Egyptian State, 3500-1985 BC
4:Stability and Expansion, Egypt in the Middle and New Kingdoms, 1985- 1000 BC
Interlude 1: The Amarna Letters
5:Living in New Kingdom Egypt
6:The Ancient Near East, 1200- 500 BC
7:'The Sea between the Lands', the Mediterranean as the Cradle of the Classical World
8:Civilizations of the Bronze Age Aegean, 2000 -1100 BC
9:The Birth of a New Greece 1100 - 700 BC
10:'Travelling Heroes', The Greeks in a Wider World, 800-600 BC
Interlude 2: Sappho and Lyric Poetry
11:Hoplites and Tyrants: The Emergence of the City State
12:Craftsmanship and Creativity in Archaic Greece
13:The Persian Wars
14:The Greek Way of Life
15:Experiencing the Supernatural: the Spiritual World of the Greeks
Interlude 3: 'After this all becomes possible.' Creating Classical Art, 500 - 460 BC
16:Democracy and Empire, Athens in the Fifth Century
17:Rethinking the World: From Aeschylus to Aristotle
Interlude 4: Rhetoric
18:The Struggle for Power, 431- 338 BC
19:Alexander the Great and the Transformation of the Greek World
20:Tensions and Creativity: The Hellenistic World, 323 -30 BC
Interlude 5: Celts and Parthians
21:The Etruscans and Early Rome
22:Rome Becomes a Mediterranean Power
23:Rome, A Republic Under Stress
Interlude 6: Voices from the Republic
24:The Failure of Republican Politics
Interlude 7: Women in the Roman Republic
25:Augustus and the Founding of Empire
26:Consolidating the Roman Empire, AD 14-161
Interlude 8: The Sebasteion at Aphrodisias
27:Running and Defending an Empire
28:Social and Economic Life in the Empire
Interlude 9: The Romans as Builders
29:The Flourishing of Greek Culture
30:An Empire in Crisis, AD 161-313
31:The Early Christian Communities, AD 33-313
32:Constantine and His Successors
33:The Christian Emperor
34:The Collapse of the Classical West, 395-600
35:The Emergence of the Byzantine Empire
What to Read Next
Date Chart
List of Events

Charles Freeman is a freelance academic historian who worked on his first archaeological dig, a first century AD Roman villa, in Italy as far back as 1966. Following many years of wandering in the Mediterranean, he has been leading study tours of Italy, Greece and Turkey for the past ten years. In 2005, Charles was appointed as Historical Consultant to the prestigious Blue Guides and has written introductions and sections of several of the most recent editions. He is also author of Sites of Antiquity: Fifty Sites that Explain the Classical World (2009), a full illustrated survey that might be seen as a companion to Egypt, Greece and Rome.

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