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Narratives of Budapest

Narratives of Budapest
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9786150204826
Language: english
Size: 140*210
Weight: 285 g
Page no.: 227
Publish year: 2024
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Narratives of Budapest

"Narratives of Budapest" is a new book project of the Panel Literature Association, produced in collaboration with the unique experts of Budapest, let it be local historians, writers, cultural managers, translators, journalists, tour guides, and artists.

“Narratives of Budapest” is a collection of essays, stories and interviews delving into both the contemporary and historical aspects of Budapest. The focus is also on the free-spirited and independent-minded individuals who call the city home. Each piece within the book provides a distinct perspective on different facets of Budapest life. By weaving together memories, narratives, and personal stories, the collection aims to capture the distinctive and enduring vibe that defines the city.

“Narratives of Budapest” explores the past, the present, and, in some ways, the future of Budapest as seen by our remarkable contemporaries: the city experts, artists, writers,  local historians, journalists, art curators, researchers, cultural managers, and more.
The long-time inhabitants of the city are those storytellers that, altogether, create the main story of Budapest. The story that’s being constantly written and, hopefully, will never end.
They guide readers through the city, page by page unfolding their stories, either written as an essay or conducted as an interview.
Readers are free to decide for themselves what “Narratives of Budapest” is for them: an overview of the Budapest cultural scene, a collection of city legends, a memory kaleidoscope, a guidebook, or a time capsule.

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