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To cross, one must sail a sea turbulent and inhospitable. But once on the island, everything changes. Whichever way one looks, notable mas-ters of thought amble around in splendid parks, engaged in vivid conversation. (Wolfgang Beck)More

Naught is for man so important as rightly to know his own purpose; For but twelve groschen hard cash ’tis to be bought at my shop! (Friedrich Schiller)

Atlantisz Publishing House is an island in Hungary but also in all of Eu-rope. Its name is a programme, it evokes Plato`s myth, as well as Sir Francis Bacon`s New Atlantis governed by generosity, enlightenment, and public spirit. (Wolf Lepenies)More

Frankfurt and Budapest: patrons of Atlantisz for the past 30 years

"When the masses applaud, the philosopher blushes." (Immanuel Kant)More

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Atlantisz vászontáska

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Faith, Hope and Carnage

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Hello Yellow Glove

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Acting Class

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The Climate Book

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First Person Singular

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The broker

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Problem Solved

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