According to its deed of foundation, the objectives of Atlantisz Foundation are as follows:

•     cultural activities,

•     research activities in the humanities and publishing scholarly literature and research outcomes,

•     publishing the outcome of higher education research projects in the humanities as well as scholarly literature used in the higher education system,

•     supporting the publication activities of Atlantisz Publishing House Ltd.,

•     offering grants to translators and researchers,

•     awarding and contributing to literary and scholarly prizes,

•           financing other individual research and publication initiatives.

Atlantisz Foundation operates as a public benefit foundation. Its primary sources of funding are Hungarian and foreign grants and the invaluable donations of our partners: institutions, businesses, and private individuals who share and support the objectives of the foundation.

The Foundation is independent of, and does not provide support to, political parties.

Any support offered to our public benefit foundation – and thereby to Atlantisz book Programme – helps save the sensible word.

Hungarian tax payers who are friends of our programme can support Atlantisz Foundation by earmarking one percent of their personal income for that purpose.

We express our deepest gratitude and respect to all past, present and future supporters of Atlantisz Book Programme. Without them, the programme would not be able to carry on publishing fundamental works indispensable for Hungarian culture.

The registered seat of Atlantisz Foundation is:

1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 1.
Telefon és fax: (1) 266 38 70
Bankszámlaszám: 10200823-22214737-00000000
IBAN: HU32-1020-0823-2221-4737-0000-0000

The number and date of the final and absolute court decision registering the Foundation:

Pk. 61888/1990/1, 1990. 04. 30.

The founders:
Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Dr. Tamás Miklós

The organisational structure of the Foundation:
The overall management, representation, administrative, and decision making powers are in the hands of the Foundation’s principal organ, the Board of Curators.
I. Gábor Markovits (elnök)
II. Prof. Zoltán Hidas
III. Dr. Bálint András Somlyó
IV. Dr. György Virág

The operation and financial management of the Foundation as a public benefit organisation is overseen by the Supervisory Board, which is independent of the Board of Curators. Its members are:

I. Prof. Béla Bacsó (president) (Former president: Prof. László Tengelyi )
II. Prof. Miklós Almási
III. Dr. László János Arató