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Vehicles : Baby Montessori

Vehicles : Baby Montessori
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9788854417540
Size: 160*160
Weight: 220 g
Page no.: 20
Publish year: 2023
2 860 Ft
2 574 Ft
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Vehicles : Baby Montessori

The books are designed and created by following the Montessori teaching method, by means of drawings built up with simple, repeated geometrical forms, minimal details and sharp outlines defined by the colours that are most easily identified by small children: black and white. Progressively complex visual features as well as introducing a third, colour, red, which children begin to perceive at the age of three months. The introduction to the third colour, the wide variety of subjects and the encouragement to trace the story paths with their fingers will hold the children's attention well beyond their first few weeks of life and through their entire first year.

Publisher: White Star
Series: Baby Montessori
Category: Gyerekkönyv

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