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Ideaflow : Why Creative Businesses Win

Ideaflow : Why Creative Businesses Win
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9781529146233
Language: english
Weight: 379 g
Page no.: 276
Publish year: 2022
4 250 Ft
3 825 Ft
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Ideaflow : Why Creative Businesses Win

'A game-changer' | 'A must-read' | 'Simple yet powerful'

The single best way to have a great idea is to produce lots of ideas.

The number of new ideas your organization can produce is a metric for its ability to generate novel solutions to any given problem. Your ideaflow is the most crucial business metric that you've never considered. Every business problem is, finally, an idea problem. How well you can solve those problems is how well you and your business can perform, navigate uncertainty, and develop innovations.

Drawing from their decades of teaching Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives at the world famous Stanford and leading innovative companies like Patagonia, Klebahn and Utley offer a battle-tested framework to exponentially boost your ideaflow. You'll learn how to:
-- Establish a brief daily creativity practice
-- Develop thousands of great ideas on demand
-- Run cheap, fast tests to determine which ideas will work
-- Persuade your team and organization on the importance of centering ideaflow

Are you ready to supercharge your organization's creativity?

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