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E.H.Gombrich on Fresco Painting

E.H.Gombrich on Fresco Painting
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9780500027448
Language: english
Size: 121*185
Weight: 198 g
Page no.: 96
Publish year: 2024
6 390 Ft
5 751 Ft
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E.H.Gombrich on Fresco Painting

An interpretation of the history of mural painting from ancient Egypt to the twentieth century by one of most eminent art historians of all time, who wielded huge influence over both his professional peers and a vast popular readership

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About the Author

Ernst Gombrich (1909–2001) was an Austrian-born art historian who spent most of his working life in the United Kingdom. He was the author of many works of cultural history and art history, most notably The Story of Art.

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