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The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Rhetoric

The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Rhetoric
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780521677868
Méret: 152*228
Tömeg: 580 g
Oldalszám: 368
Megjelenés éve: 2009
6 500 Ft
5 850 Ft
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The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Rhetoric

Rhetoric thoroughly infused the world and literature of Graeco-Roman antiquity. This Companion provides a comprehensive overview of rhetorical theory and practice in that world, from Homer to early Christianity, accessible to students and non-specialists, whether within classics or from other periods and disciplines. Its basic premise is that rhetoric is less a discrete object to be grasped and mastered than a hotly contested set of practices that include disputes over the very definition of rhetoric itself. Standard treatments of ancient oratory tend to take it too much in its own terms and to isolate it unduly from other social and cultural concerns. This volume provides an overview of the shape and scope of the problems while also identifying core themes and propositions: for example, persuasion, virtue, and public life are virtual constants. But they mix and mingle differently, and the contents designated by each of these terms can also shift.

• Highly readable, written with the student and non-specialist firmly in mind • New and comprehensive overview of rhetorical theory and practice in Classical antiquity from an international team of experts • Examines ancient rhetoric in the context of its social and cultural environment

Introduction Erik Gunderson; Part I. An Archaeology of Rhetoric: 1. Fighting words: status, stature, and verbal contest in Archaic poetry Nancy Worman; 2. The philosophy of rhetoric and the rhetoric of philosophy Robert Wardy; 3. Codifications of rhetoric Malcolm Heath; Part II. The Field of Language: 4. Divisions of speech Catherine Steel; 5. Rhetoric, aesthetics, and the voice James Porter; 6. The rhetoric of rhetorical theory Erik Gunderson; 7. The politics of rhetorical education Joy Connolly; Part III. The Practice of Rhetoric: 8. Types of oratory Jon Hesk; 9. Rhetoric of the Athenian citizen Victoria Wohl; 10. Rhetoric and the Roman Republic John Dugan; 11. Staging rhetoric in Athens David Rosenbloom; 12. The drama of rhetoric at Rome William Batstone; 13. Rhetoric and the Second Sophistic Simon Goldhill; Part IV. Epilogues: 14. Rhetorical practice and performance in early Christianity Todd Penner and Caroline Vander Stichele; 15. Rediscoveries of Classical rhetoric Peter Mack; 16. The runaround: a volume retrospect on ancient rhetorics John Henderson; Part V. Appendices: 17. Appendix 1: rhetorical terms; 18. Appendix 2: authors and prominent individuals.

Erik Gunderson, Nancy Worman, Robert Wardy, Malcolm Heath, Catherine Steel, James Porter, Joy Connolly, Jon Hesk, Victoria Wohl, John Dugan, David Rosenbloom, William Batstone, Simon Goldhill, Todd Penner, Caroline Vander Stichele, Peter Mack, John Henderson

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