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Author: Balibar, Etienne

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Marx filozófiája

10%2 250 Ft2 500 Ft

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Olvasni A tőkét

10%4 950 Ft5 500 Ft

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Politics and the Other Scene

10%5 391 Ft5 990 Ft

Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities

10%4 626 Ft5 140 Ft

Reading Capital

10%8 865 Ft9 850 Ft

Revolution der Menschenrechte, Die - Grundlegende Texte zu einem neuen Begriff des Politischen

10%4 680 Ft5 200 Ft

Spinoza and Politics

10%5 652 Ft6 280 Ft

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Violence and Civility - On the Limits of Political Philosophy

10%8 334 Ft9 260 Ft

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Total: 8 items

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