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The Enneads

The Enneads
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9780140445206
Language: english
Size: 129*198
Weight: 468 g
Page no.: 688
Publish year: 1991
6 970 Ft
6 273 Ft
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The Enneads

Regarded as the founder of Neo-Platonism, Plotinus (AD 204-70) was the last great philosopher of antiquity, producing works that proved in many ways a precursor to Renaissance thought. Plotinus was convinced of the existence of a state of supreme perfection and argued powerfully that it was necessary to guide the human soul towards this state. Here he outlines his compelling belief in three increasingly perfect levels of existence - the Soul, the Intellect, and the One - and explains his conviction that humanity must strive to draw the soul towards spiritual transcendence. A fusion of Platonism, mystic passion and Aristotelian thought, The Enneads offers a highly original synthesis of early philosophical and religious beliefs, which powerfully influenced later Christian and Islamic theology.

Publisher: Penguin Books
Series: Penguin Classics
Category: Filozófia

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