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Temporal Regimes: Materiality, Politics, Technology

Temporal Regimes: Materiality, Politics, Technology
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9781032018744
Language: english
Size: 156*234
Weight: 453 g
Page no.: 168
Publish year: 2023
18 950 Ft
17 055 Ft
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Temporal Regimes: Materiality, Politics, Technology

Temporal Regimes provides a theoretical framework for understanding the temporal structures of society; a conceptually rich, empirically nuanced and culturally embodied account of temporal phenomena in contemporary world. What does it imply temporal regimes? How the everyday life as well as the global mobilities coordination requires temporal underpinnings? The answers to these questions mean more than simply understanding the general thesis on acceleration or space-time compression on the one hand; but also, a micro-multiple-localised time experience by gender, class or age, on the other. They also mean understanding in an integrative way the very structural temporalities within the everyday lived, embodied and situated ones.

They require both a robust and flexible epistemic analysis considering their material bedrock through political and technological forefront dimensions. Advancing a rigorous, well-grounded theoretical understanding, and offering a useful way to analytically conceptualise the temporal dynamics on our societies, this book will be of interest to advanced students and scholars enquiring a rich set of topics ranging from time and politics, new materialism, conceptual history as well as technology, collective action and social change.

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