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Mariners, Merchants and Oceans - Studies in Maritime History

Mariners, Merchants and Oceans - Studies in Maritime History
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9788173040757
Language: english
Size: 144*223
Weight: 671 g
Page no.: 488
Publish year: 2023
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Mariners, Merchants and Oceans - Studies in Maritime History

This collection of 27 papers provides a critique of approaches towards maritime history and a variety of related themes. Exchange of commodities through sea namely spices, textiles, opium, pepper and slaves and the question whether the indigenous pattern of trade survived despite the integration of Asian trade into world economy find an important place in the treatment. Apart from European traders, Indian merchants like the Chuliyas or Maraikkayars were of great significance in the maritime trade of India, a fact which has not received sufficient attention of the scholars. Generation of funds in India by the Europeans for conducting trade, the case of the Fuggers who got a golden opportunity to accumulate capital during the sixteenth century and the urban growth and the pattern of urban settlement in the context of active maritime trade in Asia have been discussed in detail. The life on board and the tension that were found among the mariners and the coastal society of Bengal as well as the western coast of India have been examined by maritime historians. The migration of people from one nation to other, the inter-continental transfer of culture, the contribution of European renegades and exiles to the Asian economy and that of Asians to African life are discussed succinctly. Asiatic waters constitute a major bone of contention among the European powers as outlined in the case of Macao. Building of naval forces by Shivaji is discussed in one of the chapters. Of late, Indian Ocean has become a refuse bin and the object of stiff com-petition among world powers. Hence the book advocates development of a national maritime policy.

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