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Lucia Moholy: Exposures

Lucia Moholy: Exposures
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9783775756327
Language: english
Size: 210*280
Weight: 1048 g
Page no.: 300
Publish year: 2024
20 340 Ft
18 306 Ft
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Lucia Moholy: Exposures

160 color Illustrations 

A prolific writer, photographer, portraitist, and documentarian, Lucia Moholy defies categorization. She was as active in avant-garde circles as she was in the field of information science, advancing an expansive understanding of visual reproduction. While previous publications on Moholy have limited her accomplishments to the five years she spent at the Bauhaus, Lucia Moholy: Exposures presents the full breadth of her writings and photographs for the first time.

Extensive essays drawing on new archival discoveries offer insights into her early life in turn-of-the-century Prague, her involvement in the radical social movements of the 1920s in Weimar Germany, her emigration to London, where colleagues and friends included members of the Bloomsbury Group as well as her wartime involvement with microfilm and scientific documentation and her work in the Middle East on behalf of UNESCO. Acknowledging her reception by contemporary artists such as Jan Tichy, the publication demonstrates how Moholy’s interdisciplinary approach to photography anticipated the medium’s post-analogue present.

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