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Initiation into Hermetics

Initiation into Hermetics
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781885928122
Size: 21.5
Page no.: 338
Publish year: 0
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Initiation into Hermetics

Initiation into Hermetics if the first and most important of Franz Bardon’s works and is rightly regarded as the cornerstone of his entire opus. In contrast to other booths on the subject of magic, Bardon focuses his attention on the practical training necessary for all true magical attainment. Using the four elements of fire, water, air and earth as a foundation, Bardon teaches the student how to master these universal forces in the three worlds of body, soul, and spirit. Bardon leads the student step by step through exercises providing detailed training in the entire arcanum of magic, from basic techniques in thought control to advanced teachings in astral travel, and much more. No other writer has ever developed such a clear, concise, and practical program of magical development.

Publisher: Merkur Publishing, Inc.
Translator: Radspieler, A.
Category: Ezoterika

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