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Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781474243711
Size: 138*216
Weight: 554 g
Page no.: 432
Publish year: 2016
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7 623 Ft
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First published in 1972, Dissemination contains three of Derrida`s most central and seminal works: `Plato`s Pharmacy`, `The Double Session` and `Dissemination`. The essays present a re-evaluation of the logic of meaning and the function of writing in Western discourse and explore the relationship and interplay between language, literature and philosophy. The text includes a substantial introduction and additional notes on the text by Barbara Johnson.

Table of contents
Translator`s Introduction
Outwork, prefacing

Plato`s Pharmacy
1 Pharmacia
2 The Father of Logos
3 The Filial Inscription: Theuth, Hermes, Thoth, Nabu, Nebo
4 The Pharmakon
5 The Pharmakeus
6 The Pharmakos
7 The Ingredients: Phantasms, Festivals, and Paints
8 The Heritage of the Pharmakon: Family Scene
9 Play: From the Pharmakon to the Letter and from Blindness to the Supplement

The Double Session

1 The Trigger
2 The Apparatus or Frame
3 The Scission
4 The Double Bottom of the Plupresent
5 wriTing, encAsIng, screeNing
6 The Attending Discourse
7 The Time before First
8 The Column
9 The Crossroads of the “Est”
10 Grafts, a return to Overcasting
XI The Supernumerary

Jacques Derrida is Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale in Paris. He is the author of a range of extraordinarily influential works including Dissemination, also available in the Athlone Contemporary European Thinkers series.

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