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1000 Deadstock Sneakers : The Dream Collection

1000 Deadstock Sneakers : The Dream Collection
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Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9781419771989
Language: english
Size: 205*288
Weight: 2674 g
Page no.: 544
Publish year: 2023
29 100 Ft
26 190 Ft
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1000 Deadstock Sneakers : The Dream Collection

An accessible and comprehensive encyclopedia of 1,000 deadstock sneakers––the originals produced for exclusive, limited-edition releases––by trendsetting sneakerhead and infamous reseller Larry Deadstock.

“Deadstock” refers to the originals: authentic, unworn sneakers that were produced for limited-edition releases, limited-run reruns, or pairs that have otherwise stopped being made. No longer available from the direct retailers, deadstock is the most desirable, exclusive, and valuable sneaker merchandise in existence, only available from select resell shops and websites such as Larry Deadstock’s.

In 1,000 Deadstock Sneakers, deadstock collector and infamous reseller Larry Deadstock teams up with streetwear journalist François Chevalier to dive deep into the origins, history, and trends of international sneaker culture. This book features:

Complete with detailed research, historical context, and trend analysis on the aesthetic appeal of each style, this book explores the significance of the sneaker in fashion and culture today through 1,000 coveted deadstock sneakers of the last 50 years. This is a must-have reference text for sneakerheads and deadstock collectors; eye candy for sports fans, influencers, and all sneaker wearers; and an exploration of a rising phenomenon in fashion and streetwear for anyone interested in contemporary culture.

Larry Deadstock is an internationally well-known name in sneaker culture and the owner of a sneaker resell store in Paris. He has 186,000 followers on Instagram.
François Chevalier is a journalist specializing in streetwear. He writes for Télérama and Entorse Editions.

Publisher: Abrams
Category: Design / Divat, Életmód, New books

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