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Atlantisz Publishing House and Atlantisz Foundation are non-profit twin organizations established in 1990 with the goal of strengthening the intellectual infrastructure of the study and cultivation of the social sciences and the humanities in Hungary, by

  • translating and publishing classic texts of theWestern canon as well as some path-breaking recent contributions in the fields of philosophy, history, religious and cultural studies, art theory and psychology, which have been unavailable in Hungary for several decades but are indispensable in any educated country;
  • supporting a few outstanding centres of social science research in Hungary and publishing their output;
  • making accessible the most up-to-date international and Hungarian literature of the social sciences and the humanities, in the heart of the city of Budapest, at Atlantisz Book Island, an information centre and international bookshop which is unique in Central Europe.

    The main endeavour of Atlantisz Book Programme is to disseminate modern and classic knowledge in the above-mentioned fields at prices affordable for university students (i.e., at or even below production price). In this endeavour we enlist the support of many friends of culture. Our publications answer the most scrupulous professional criteria both in regard of editorial expertise and aesthetic appearance.

    Atlantisz Book Programme was launched in order to continue, in a somewhat different form, the work and tradition of Medvetánc, the first uncensored and independent but legally operating social science journal of the post-1956 period in Hungary. The creation of young scholars, between 1981 and 1990 Medvetánc - apart from clandestine opposition publications - was for several years the only free and public printed venue for academic debate on contemporary social processes and intellectual traditions. When in 1990 one of the fundamental objectives of the editors and authors of Medvetánc, the freedom of speech and the dissemination of ideas, became a normal state of affairs in Hungary, and a framework for democratic politics was created, they chose the consolidation of the intellectual infrastructure of liberty, by publishing some of the outstanding texts of the social and human sciences, as their next task.

    To this day, the programme is run by university academics, and among its patrons it boasts the cities and the mayors of Frankfurt and Budapest.

    By 2007, Atlantisz has published around 200 titles that have sold in altogether over half a million copies. They have almost invariably found their way to reading lists for university examinations, and in view of their status as classics, they may be expected to remain there for a long time as well. All serious Hungarian libraries are Atlantisz series collectors. Quality-conscious institutions, from the Library of the Hungarian Parliament through other public collections and universities to the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, as well as individuals, habitually make their foreign book purchases through Atlantisz Book Island. Several internationally recognized scholars have received invitations to Hungary as authors of the Atlantisz programme and held highly successful public lectures. This continues to be an integral part of our work.

    Atlantisz has earned a high international reputation. Reliable German surveys have identified Atlantisz as the best of its kind in Central Europe, and the work of the publisher has been recognized over the past ten years by invitations from the President of the Republic of Italy, the French Foreign Minister and Minister of Cultural Affairs, and the leaders of the Goethe Institute. Atlantisz became the first non-Western member of the international "Making of Europe" cooperation, launched by five prestigious European publishers (C.H. Beck, Blackwell, Crítica, Laterza, Seuil). The German Goethe Institut contributes to the attainment of the goals of Atlantisz in the framework of a long term cooperation agreement, and a special programme of the French government has also been a source of permanent support for a long time. Besides several friendly publishers around Europe, we have also received support from public and private institutions in the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria, as well as the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Ministry for Culture and Education, the Hungarian Book Foundation, the National Cultural Projects, the Higher Education Projects Bureau, the National Scientific Research Fund. The cities of Frankfurt and Munich have honoured the programme with special recognition. Atlantisz has been invited and supported on a permanent basis over the past two decades by the Franfurt Book Fair and the city of Frankfurt itself. Atlantisz took the initiative, and substantially contributed to the organizational work, for Hungary to become, as the first formerly "Eastern bloc" country, the "focal point" of the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1999. One of the editors of our Plato's Complete Works received the prestigious Palladium Prize in 2004, while, on the evidence of readers' votes, Atlantisz' Tales of the Thousand and One Nights was the most accomplished Hungarian translation in 2005. The manager of the publishing house was distinguished by the prize of the Frankfurt Literaturhaus and the DEKA Bank for the representation of German culture and literature abroad, and in 2006 he received the Knight's Cross of the Republic of Hungary. Atlantisz has been a co-organizer of several international conferences in the publishing field, such as the Budapest and Frankfurt meetings addressed to copyright issues (in1991 and 1995, respectively), the Budapest project conference of the "Making of Europe" group, the East-West Centre of the Frankfurt Book Fair, and the Frankfurt Cultural Week in Budapest in 1994 and 2007. For Atlantisz, the most valuable kind of recognition is of course the loyalty of its readers and friends, and the fact that within their own means many of them also contribute to the publication of our books.

    Atlantisz Book Programme has received, from the very beginning, extensive press coverage in Hungary and abroad, including several hundred articles in leading journals and newspapers, as well as frequent appearances in TV and radio broadcasts. Some of our books were reviewed on as many as fifty occasions in the printed and electronic media.

    This is a non-profit programme without whose contribution it is difficult to conceive of a substantial part of Hungarian higher education today. At the same time, its impact is felt way beyond the walls of universities and colleges: Atlantisz volumes have found a permanent place on the bookshelves of the "educated public" as a whole.

    In regard of its economic limitations, the existence of academic publishing in Hungary is not to be taken for granted. While Hungarian readers are as demanding as their Western European peers, their means are an insufficient commercial background. The viability of a programme like Atlantisz depends on the support of the most devoted friends of culture. It is a common cause of those to whom the intellectual infrastructure of freedom in the Hungarian vernacular is an important concern, and who hold, with Wittgenstein - an Atlantisz author - that words are deeds.


    The Fountain School of Masters Circus Maximus The Metropolis Temptations Dangerous Liaisons The Making of Europe East-European Non-Fiction Centaur Atlantisz German Library for the Human Sciences Atlantisz French Library for the Human Sciences Atlantisz - C.H. Beck Books The Tales of the Thousand and One Nights The Collected Dialogues of Plato


    Atlantisz Foundation and Atlantisz Publishing House
    Budapest, Gerlóczy u. 4. H-1052 Hungary
    Tel.: + 361 266 3870

    Atlantisz Publishing House
    Tax registration number: 10338904-2-41
    Bank account number: 10200823-22215855-00000000

    Atlantisz Foundation
    Bank account number: 10200823-22214737-00000000
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